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A native of South Florida and daughter of blue-collar Jamaican immigrants, Attorney Simmonds was raised in a large, tight-knit family that centered their lives on faith, hard work and education.  

Since 2009, Attorney Simmonds has worked in both the private large law firm and public/government spheres, and has litigated cases at both the lower court (trial) and appeals (appellate) levels for both private clients and court-appointed clients.   Since 2018, Tasha's private family law practice has also included helping parties achieve settlements as court-appointed Mediator, as she also sees helping litigants get out of court and back to their lives as a form of advocacy. 

Her clients appreciate her active, empathic listening, penchant for strategy as well as her ability to remain unfazed and unintimidated in the most contested, legally complicated and high-conflict cases.  Because of her impressive depth of knowledge, Tasha is equally comfortable coming to the table to hammer out a resolution as she is going into battle.  This, and her commitment to "doing what's right", made Tasha competitive with attorneys twice her senior early in her career.

When not working or volunteering with the Guardian ad Litem program, Tasha enjoys songwriting and playing guitar.

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