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Here's What's Next!

Thank you for choosing T.S.P.A.!  Below are the benchmarks we aim to reach while serving your uncontested case.  Barring the unforeseeable, we want you in and out in under 21 days!

Your introductory intake and conversation with the firm

(‘Happens as soon as you call)

You & Attorney sign your retainer agreement

(Sent as soon as you let us know you are ready to move forward)

Complete the new case intake

(Sent to you within 24 - 48 hours after signing your retainer)

Receive drafts of your documents. After you approve your drafts, you will sign them electronically

(Within 2 - 3 days of completing your case intake)

Your documents are filed with the court

(Within 2 business days after you approve your drafts)

The court clerk gives us a case number

(Usually within the same week; there may be additional documents for you to sign while we wait)

Attorney schedules the final hearing & sends you the hearing information

(As soon as the case number obtained)

You (and/or the other party) attend the final hearing

(Whenever your Judge’s calendar allows; we choose the soonest possible considering your availability)

The Court signs your Final Judgment and a true copy is sent to you

(Usually signed the same day. In the future, you may want to request certified copies of your Final Judgment)

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